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Services + Benefits

Take advantage of customer perks and services to exceed your expectations.


Your personal home concierge

Your go-to for everything home-related

There’s lots of little details to take care of, whether you’re selling or purchasing a home. Kick your feet up and let us help coordinate home repairs, painting, cleaning, staging, and more.


Own your dream without breaking the bank

Creative financing strategies to make that house your home

Too much red tape at the bank? Unforeseen or unfortunate financial challenges? Want to avoid potential CMHC fees? We may just have the solution for you. Contact us to find out more.


Pay it Forward

Spread some love and joy in your new community

We believe in a good investment. Investing into the communities our clients live and work in is just that! A portion of each and every sale goes to a select charity to build into your new community and help others in need. This year we’re partnering with Langley’s Food For Thought program to help kids in need get the best out of their education.

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Children all across the Fraser Valley come to school hungry every day. They often don’t get breakfast and at times have nothing to eat for lunch because their family can’t afford to provide them with these meals.

Hungry kids can’t learn, let alone thrive. This year we’re partnering with Langley’s Food For Thought program and other feeding programs in the community you live in to feed these kids and help them get the best out of their education. Every purchase and sale we make will ensure that one less child is hungry and is able to focus and learn.


Projects/Organizations we’ve supported:

Salvation Army
Local Food Banks
Local and National Anti Human Trafficking Efforts
Fresh Water Projects
Third World Sustainable Living Projects


We trade homes

Skip the Waiting Game with our exclusive service

What if we could eliminate the worry and inconvenience of waiting for an offer on your property? What if we could guarantee you a specific selling price for your current home? Available exclusively through us – remove the uncertainty from moving and make the home you’re selling more attractive to buyers! Some restrictions apply.

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Here are some of the benefits of utilizing our exclusive home trading service:

Increases your odds of snagging the home you want!
Close without a “subject to sale” offer instead of getting outbid while waiting for your existing property to sell.

Removes the financial risk and expense of carrying two mortgages.
while waiting for your current home to sell.

Improves your buying power.
Negotiate a better purchase price with fewer subjects.

Increases your selling power.
Your existing property gains better exposure to the buying public because they view you as a more motivated seller.

Takes the stress out of moving twice.
Trading may offer you the advantage of remaining in your existing property until your new home is complete.

Our Process

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed. We aim to provide the best service in the most simple, straightforward way. Whether you’re looking for townhouses for sale in Surrey, trying to sell an Abbotsford condo, or dreaming of a house in Chilliwack,  here’s what to expect.

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